How to Choose a Guardian for your Children

Who will look after your kids if you die?

Do you know? Have you thought about it? Does your family know who you’d like to take care of your children if you passed away? Do you have this written down, formalised in your Will?

It’s a thought that is often too painful to bear thinking about. I get it! I am a mum of a precious girl myself.

The thought of not being here for her is heartbreaking. I just want to switch off that thought and make it go away.

How to choose a guardian for your children workbook

But complacency is not a plan. Avoidance is not a plan. Certainly not a plan that will serve your children if you should pass away.

I see this decision being a major blocker to my clients in arranging their Estate Planning. To finally taking the leap and getting their Wills done. But I have the solution!

Download my free E-bookChoosing a Guardian for your Children”. This is a practical 18-page guide to help you to work through the thoughts and fears that come up when you think about leaving your children behind if you should pass away. I am so confident that this process will help you navigate the decision fatigue, and come to a conclusion as to who in your life is the best candidate to be a guardian for your children.

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Choose your children's guardian workbook
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Hi, I'm Angela. Do you need legal Services?

Hi, I'm Angela. Do you need Legal Services?